Lankaran Forest Perfume


Lankaran Forest Perfume

Exclusively for Chovgan Fashion, Maria Candida Gentile, the most appreciated Italian Nose for the creation of tailor-made personal and home fragrances based on natural essences only, created a unique fragrance inspired by Azerbaijan after visiting the country and its villages. Her tour included Absheron peninsula, Caspian Sea and the Fire Mountain Yanar Dag along with climbing in Guba and Gusar regions in North Azerbaijan and travelling to the South with the aim to see Lankaran’s tea and lemon plantations, as well as its untouched magical forest. Maria Candida’s new fragrance takes people to a trip down memory lane, providing a thrilling journey to Azerbaijan, the land of winds and fire.

Lankaran Forest fragrance is produced both as a Perfume and Eau de Parfum, and is bottled in a Tourbillons perfume bottle designed by Rene Lalique in 1926. Its beautiful shape inspired logo and pack design for this series.    

Presentation at the Royal Academy of Arts. London. March 2015

The new luxury fragrance was exclusively presented to VIP guests at the Royal Academy of Arts on March 20, 2015, within the second Buta Festival of Azerbaijani Arts.

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